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Doollee ultimately aims to provide a complete listing of Theatres and Theatre companies throughout the world ( yes, I know, but you have got to start somewhere !! ). Websites are listed below and there are further links from individual Playwrights pages to the Theatre and Theatre Company where the first production took place.

If you would like your Theatre or Theatre Company displayed on this page with a link to your home page and a link from all your World Premieres please contact doollee by clicking on the Contact Us button at the top of this page.

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Aalborg Teater, Denmark Aarhus Teater, Denmark Aasen Teater, Denmark Amatørteatergruppen Spor 1, Denmark
Børnekulissen, Denmark Baadteatret, Denmark Baggaaring;rdTeatret, Denmark Busbjerg Open-Air Theatre, Denmark
Busbjerg Spillene, Denmark Cafe Kølbert, Denmark Cafeacute;teatret, Denmark Cantabile 2, Denmark
Copenhagen International Theatre, Denmark Copenhagen Theatre Circle, Denmark Dacapo Teatret, Denmark Den Jyske Opera, Denmark
Det Danske Teater, Denmark Det Hemlige Teater, Denmark Det Hvide Snit, Denmark Det Lille Teater, Denmark
Det Ny Teater, Denmark Dr. Dante, Denmark Dr. Dorothea Teatret, Denmark Drabant, Denmark
Entré Scenen, Denmark Eventyrteatret, Denmark Festspil, Denmark Forside Teater FÅR302, Denmark
Frøbjerg Festspil, Denmark Frederiksberg Teater & Børnekor, Denmark Gellerupscenen, Denmark Gladsaxe Teater, Denmark
Grønnegårds Teatret, Denmark Granhøj Dans / Granhoj Dance, Denmark H. C. Andersen festspil, Denmark Herlev Revy og Teater, Denmark
Herning Teater, Denmark Hjørring Teater, Denmark Holstebro Festspil, Denmark Horsens Ny Teater, Denmark
Hotel Pro Forma, Denmark Hovedstadens Amatør Scene, Denmark Hvidovre Teater, Denmark Impro-og teatersportsgruppen Blot til Lyst, Denmark
Jels Vikingespil, Denmark Jomfru Ane Teatret, Denmark Kongelige Teater, Denmark Lama Improv, Denmark
Limfjordsteatret, Denmark London Toast Theatre, Denmark Mungo Park, Denmark Nørrebros teater, Denmark
NørregadeTeatret, Denmark Nedergadeteatret, Denmark New Musical & Dance Theater, Denmark Nyborg Voldspil, Denmark
Odense Internationale Musikteater, Denmark Odense Teater, Denmark Odin Teatret, Denmark Oestre gasvaerk Teater, Denmark
Operanord, Denmark Otterup Friluftsspil, Denmark Privat Teatret, Denmark Projektmagerne, Denmark
Ramsø Amatørscene, Denmark Rialto Teatret, Denmark Skive og Omegns Teaterkreds, Denmark Svalegangen i Århus, Denmark
Svendborg Teater, Denmark Syvstjernescenen, Denmark Tårnby Teater, Denmark Taastrup Amatørscene, Denmark
Taastrup Teater, Denmark Team Teatret, Denmark Teater 2000. Vallensbæk, Denmark Teater Foreningen Spotlight, Denmark
Teater Grob, Denmark Teater Refleksion, Denmark Teater Vestvolden, Denmark Teatergruppen KLIMA, Denmark
Teaterhuset, Denmark teaterteknik, Denmark Teatret Fair Play, Denmark Teatro Technicus, Denmark
Teutonernes Rejse, Denmark Theatret Thalias Tjenere, Denmark Thorningegnens Friluftsspil, Denmark Thy Teater, Denmark
Vandrefalken Teater, Denmark VanløseScenen, Denmark Veksø Amatør Teater af 1985, Denmark Viborg Teater, Denmark
Vikingespil, Denmark Vikingespillet på Lindholm Høje, Denmark Vilhelmsborg Festspil, Denmark Zangenbergs Teater, Denmark
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  comprises a comprehensive online searchable database for plays written in English since the production of Look back In Anger in 1956. Each play listing contains a playwright biography, synopsis, cast size, creative and production team for the premiere production, date and location of the first performance and much not only defines the World’s theatrical repertoire for the first time but also aims to revitalise that repertoire by reintroducing many lost scripts and providing a gateway for locating and clearing rights for a very large number existing scripts. We are delighted to receive information from users where our own research has been unable to locate details on the holder of a play's contains a comprehensive listing for each new play written in English produced by professional theatre companies, venues, festivals, commercial producers and once-off-producers from 1956 to the present. It includes adaptations, translations and new versions. The database also includes those plays produced by fringe (unsubsidised) companies and by semi-professional organisations, where the work is deemed to be of particular significance to the repertoire. Thus you will get help with playwright, dramatist, plays, biography, theatres, agent, synopses, cast sizes, production, published, dates, database, research.