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Doollee ultimately aims to provide a complete listing of Theatres and Theatre Companies throughout the world ( yes, I know, but you have got to start somewhere !! ). Websites are listed below and there are further links from individual Playwrights pages to the Theatre and Theatre Company where the first production took place.

If you would like your Theatre or Theatre Company displayed on this page with a link to your home page and a link from all your World Premieres please contact doollee by clicking on the Contact Us button at the top of this page.

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Abrego Producciones, Spain, EUR >>> Agerre Teatroa, Spain, EUR >>> AgrupaciÓN Teatral La Floresta, Spain, EUR >>> Ale Hop, Spain, EUR >>>
Andalucia: Andante, Spain, EUR >>> Artez, Spain, EUR >>> AsociaciÓN De Directores De Escena, Spain, EUR >>> Barcelona: Teatre Lliure, Spain, EUR >>>
CÁMara Negra Teatro, Spain, EUR >>> Caos Editorial, Spain, EUR >>> Companyia Pamipipa, Spain, EUR >>> Dagoll Dagom, Spain, EUR >>>
Doctorado En Artes EscÉNicas, Spain, EUR >>> El Tricicle, Spain, EUR >>> Els Joglars, Spain, EUR >>> Farhad Lak, Spain, EUR >>>
Fit De Cadiz, Spain, EUR >>> Hdmelsubmarino.Com, Spain, EUR >>> La Cazuela Alcoy, Spain, EUR >>> La CompaÑÍA Del Corral De Comedias De Almagro, Spain, EUR >>>
La Cuadra De Sevilla, Spain, EUR >>> La Fura Dels Baus, Spain, EUR >>> La Machina Teatro, Spain, EUR >>> La Tarumba Teatre, Spain, EUR >>>
La Teatral, Spain, EUR >>> Lengua Blanca Theatre Company, Madrid, Spain, EUR >>> Maskarada Bilbao, Spain, EUR >>> MetrÓPolis Teatro, Spain, EUR >>>
Noticias Teatrales, Spain, EUR >>> Pilar Alberdi, Spain, EUR >>> Produciones Del Mar, Spain, EUR >>> Produciones Unidad MÓVil, Spain, EUR >>>
Proyecto Beckettianas, Spain, EUR >>> Remiendo Teatro, Spain, EUR >>> Salvador EnrÍQuez, Spain, EUR >>> Sociedad General De Autores, Spain, EUR >>>
Somni Al Terrat, Spain, EUR >>> TÍTeres De MarÍA Parrato, Spain, EUR >>> Talkomsom, Spain, EUR >>> Taller De Artes EscÉNicas, Spain, EUR >>>
Taller De Teatro AsociaciÓN Exalumnos Calasancio, Spain, EUR >>> Taptc? Teatro, Spain, EUR >>> Teatre De Guerrilla, Spain, EUR >>> Teatre Nacional De Catalunya, Spain, EUR >>>
Teatre Nu, Spain, EUR >>> Teatro Circulo, Spain, EUR >>> Teatrofia, Spain, EUR >>> Toaletta Teatro, Spain, EUR >>>
Tracamaca Diccionari De Butxaca, Spain, EUR >>> VÉRtigo Teatro, Spain, EUR >>> Visitants Companyia De Teatre, Spain, EUR >>> Xip Xap, Spain, EUR >>>
Y Espacio Creativo Artes -- Madrid, Spain, EUR >>>
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  comprises a comprehensive online searchable database for plays written in English since the production of Look back In Anger in 1956. Each play listing contains a playwright biography, synopsis, cast size, creative and production team for the premiere production, date and location of the first performance and much not only defines the World’s theatrical repertoire for the first time but also aims to revitalise that repertoire by reintroducing many lost scripts and providing a gateway for locating and clearing rights for a very large number existing scripts. We are delighted to receive information from users where our own research has been unable to locate details on the holder of a play's contains a comprehensive listing for each new play written in English produced by professional theatre companies, venues, festivals, commercial producers and once-off-producers from 1956 to the present. It includes adaptations, translations and new versions. The database also includes those plays produced by fringe (unsubsidised) companies and by semi-professional organisations, where the work is deemed to be of particular significance to the repertoire. Thus you will get help with playwright, dramatist, plays, biography, theatres, agent, synopses, cast sizes, production, published, dates, database, research.